Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science—and the World


Pop-quiz: Who discovered Earth’s inner core? Who mapped the bottom of the ocean? Who was the first American to spot a comet? Headstrong delivers 52 surprising and entertaining profiles of extraordinary scientists who’ve shaped our understanding of the world.

Headstrong (written by me!) is out April 7th, 2015. Get it. Learn it. Be a better person for it.

Preorder Headstrong through your local bookstoreRandom HouseBarnes & Noble, or Amazon.



  1. Ilena Ayala

    I snatched up the advance copy that appeared at work and have been enjoying every page. I’ve been plugging it on facebook, and am currently sitting in my local library, waiting for the head librarian to get out of a meeting so I can pitch it to her. 🙂

  2. rferrisx

    Rachel Swaby: I think you would be excellent at screen plays on this subject. After seeing her performance in ‘Interstellar’, I think Anne Hathaway would make an excellent Lise Meitner. Her life encompassed such a dynamic time. I feel confident that the film industry could do a lot more to encourage the scientists in all of us.

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